Tuesday, February 22, 2011

budget cuts and other things that suck

Texas is in the process of cutting educational funding.  Being a teacher and coming from a long line of educators, this is close to my heart.  I am certain that there are other things that could be cut.  Completely certain.  My main question is this.  How exactly are we supposed to "build a better tomorrow" if we cut educational funding?  This will certainly hurt children.  Ummm, last time I checked THEY ARE OUR FUTURE. 

There is talk of cutting pre kindergarten.  Yeah, let's send kids to kindergarten even less prepared, so they fall farther behind.  Seems like a fabulous idea.  (insert sarcasm here)

There is talk of cutting vocational spending. Vocational includes agriculture, home ec, wood shop, etc.  Those classes are the sole reason that many of my high school students drag their butts out of bed in the morning and come to school. 

People reading this might make people think "oh she's only whining and complaining about this because she is a vocational teacher".  WRONG.  Yes, my degree is in ag.  I am an ENGLISH TEACHER, though.

Has it occurred to anyone to cut the athletic budget?  I don't mean get rid of athletics, because I know that that is some student's only opportunity to shine.  I mean cut some funding. 

I know that every school does not turn out a pro ball player every year.  Yes, some do, but some NEVER do.  I am sure that most schools DO turn out welders, carpenters, and girls who go on to be wives that use the skills aquired in home economics classes.  This is especially true in rural areas. 

I am not crying that the sky is falling. 

It's not. 

Texas will get through this.  I am certain of it.

 I am also certain that there will be children and parents hurt by this.  

Class sizes are bound to go up.  I've had a class with almost 30 students in it before.  It is difficult to serve every student and do your best with them if you are stretched that far.

This is a time when everyone needs to step forward and throw in their educated two cents.  I don't mean piss and moan and whine and then vote Perry into yet another term.  I mean come up with some real ideas.  Helpful ones.  Ones that are feasible. 

And for goodness sakes, educate your children on how to make good choices that will benefit their future.

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