Friday, August 12, 2011

Things Josey says

Josey talks a lot.  Like pretty much all the time. 

When I was a child, I remember getting Ns on my report card in the Controls Talking section.

An N is bad.  It got me in trouble. 

Josey is in for this same fate.  I just know it. 

Here are some things she has said.  I find them so comical. 

Conversation between me and Josey a couple of months ago-

Josey: Mom, Where's that horse?
Me: Josey, it's probably still sleeping.
Josey: I need to tell it damn it, wake up.
Me: Josey we don't say damn.  It's a bad word. 
Josey: Mama says damn.  Daddy says damn.  Matt says damn.  Nynil says damn.  Mama, we say damn. 
I laughed too hard to respond. 

Conversation between my mother and Josey the other day-

Josey: What color is that yogurt?
Nynil: It's blue.
Josey: Nynil, that's not blue.  It's turquoise.  You not know your colors?

Things she's said to me-

Mama, you be awesome. 

Mama, I need to put my earrings in.  I'm going to get boy ears. 

My baby in my tummy is kicking.  Wanna feel it? (her babysitter just had a baby, so she thinks she has a baby in her tummy)

In The Children's Place the other day- I need this skirt.  Is it my size?

Those horses are acting like fools.  (It's just funny to me to hear a two year old say the word "fool")

Conversation between my mother and Josey the other day-

Nynil: Josey, how much do you love me?
Josey: I love you eight. 
Nynil: Earlier you said you loved me five.
Josey: Eight is more that five. 

Later that day, she said to me "Mama, I love you six hundred."

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May and random thinking back

I am sure ready for the end of school.  Every year I get this way.  And every year, by the time summer is nearly over, I am wondering what my students are up to.  Josey is so tired of me going to work.  The first thing out of her little mouth every morning is "Mama, where my going today?" and I am so ready for June, when I can say everyday "Nowhere!  You get to stay home with Mommy." I just know her little face will light up with a grin.  My girl loves her mommy time.  It might have something to do with the fact that I rarely put her down as a baby.

Literally, I really did rarely put her down.  She hung out in her baby sling up against me while I did dishes, watered horses, and folded clothes.  

People told me to set her down more.  They really did. 

I didn't listen too well. 

And guess what? 

It didn't hurt a thing.  Jos has turned out to be hugely independent and dare devilish. 

I cannot imagine what it would have changed if I had made her stay in her bouncer or on the floor more. 

Never mind. 

Yes, I can. 

I would have gotten laundry done more often. 

Who really cares about that, though?

Here's an old pic from when Jos was tiny.  She was in my lap while we checked cows.  It's still one of her favorite things to do.  :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Running is FUN!

Ok, I'm actually slightly kidding with the above title.  I'm sure it is fun- for some people.  I, unfortunately, am not exactly one of those people.  Don't get me wrong- I love to be outside.  I don't even mind to sweat-well, if my hair isn't in my face.  I just am not one of those people who has a few spare moments and thinks "hey, I think I'll go run or do an insane workout video."  I so wish I was one of those people.  I really do. 

Last summer, several of my friends and I did Zumba five days a week in town.  I loved it.  It is harder than you'd think, but it is really fun.  Yes, I said it.  It's fun.  When school started, it was just too hard for me to do it since I have a two year old that needs to go to bed fairly early.  Apparently it was too hard for everyone else, too, because they all stopped doing it as well. 

I need to lose a few pounds.  Ok, let's be really honest here.  More than a few.  I have been eating healthier.  Yesterday Tiffany and I did Zumba at her house.  We sweated.  We laughed at how silly we looked. We laughed harder at the fact that neither one of us can do "booty circles" very well.  It was fun.  I actually do enjoy Zumba. 
This morning I had an idea that I've had numerous times before.  It was "hey, I want to run in a 5K", and then I think of how cool it'd be.  I envision myself running.  I really do.  I don't even envision myself winning or anything.   Crossing the finish line without needing oxygen would be a major feat.  Then I continue on my merry way and I never actually run. 

Here's how today was different. 

I involved my friends.  I said to two of them - Hey, let's do this.  They both immediately said that I was crazy.  Then they said they were in. 

I've been talking them into things for years. 

Then it went viral.  My bestie's sister wanted in.  Then Mindy's sister wanted in, too.  Then Sarah and then Abra.  Then my stellar boyfriend said that he wanted to, also. 

My bf actually used to be a runner.  He used to run 5 miles a day.  He's one of those people that thinks running is fun.  One of those people that I want to be. 

Anyway, with all this support and camraderie, surely I will actually be able to make this goal a reality. 

So, today we started Couch to 5K. It almost killed me.  It was hard.  I almost had to call for oxygen numerous times.  But, we made it.  Tiff is a great motivator.  We pushed Jos and P in the strollers, which made it slightly harder.  Tomorrow we are doing Zumba again and then on Thursday we're back to running. 
I'm excited. 

I can do this. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sping Bake

No, I didn't lose my mind.  The above title is what Josey called last week.  She was very excited when I told her that spring break meant that I got to stay home from work and play with her all day.  She kept referring to it as "sping bake".  Ahhh, the things kids say.  :)

The week flew by, just like they always do.  I felt like we were extremely busy, but that we didn't get much accomplished.  That's pretty much how my life goes. 

We started out the week with a trip to Lake Sommerville.  Matt and I took both of the kiddos out on the boat.  Josey LOVES the boat and the water.  She's destined to be a lake rat.  I spent lots of time at the lake growing up, and I loved every second, so she gets it honest.  Josey and Cody both drove the boat (it's a pontoon boat) and they thought they were sooooooooo cool and grown up.  

Monday, Mom and I took Josey to the Lufkin Zoo.  If you are looking for a small zoo with great exhibits, then it's the place to be.   Unfortunately, Josey hated it.   She loved the "mingos" (flamingos), but she didn't like anything else.  The peacocks run loose throughout the zoo, and they especially scared her.  The good news of the day was that I found a really cute dress at Rue 21 while she was napping in the car with Mom.  :)

I had allergy tests run on Tuesday.  They were far from pleasant and I am a total moron to schedule them during a week when I OUGHT to be enjoying myself.  Good news- none of my allergies are very serious.  Bad news- I am allergic to dogs, dust, and some weeds.   Have I mentioned I have a chihuahua and a schnauzer that live in the house? Best news of all- I now have a totally legitimate excuse to rip out the old carpet that has been driving me crazy and replace it with hard wood like I want. 

We worked both sets of cows and got rid of some dry cows.  It was bittersweet.  I know there's no reason to feed something that's not producing, but we got rid of some that I really liked.  It's a hard battle when your head and your heart don't agree.   I know it sounds like I'm talking about something really major, and you're thinking "it's just a freaking cow", but I love the cows.  I really do.  Make fun of me if you must. 

Lake Limestone was graced with my presence on Saturday, with my honey, Josey, my bestie and her hubby, their very adorable 6 month old, and an old friend I hadn't seen in a while in tow.  We had a blast on the boat again.  My honey proved to be even more amazing by getting in the frigid (and I mean REALLY frigid) water so that Jos could get in it to pee.   He got in.  He started to turn blue.  Um, not really, but almost.  Josey decided to get in the lake to pee.  I started to lower her in.  She shrieked hysterically.  I lifted her out.  She got all smiley again.  Matt didn't even get frustrated with her a bit.  Even though he almost got hypothermia.  Just kidding.  Anyway, is it any wonder that I love this man to pieces?

Jos was certainly sad that "sping bake" was over yesterday.  Her mommy was, too. 

Forty five more school days until SUMMER. Wooooooo hoooooooo!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Teaching opportunity

There are several blogs that I daily stalk.  Some are people I know, others are people I know of, and yet others are only people I've heard of. 

One of the blogs I stalk is

Heather and Aaron are from Madisonville.  They're older than me and I actually just know of them.

Simply put, they're amazing and inspiring. 

For several months, they have been living in Haiti working as missionaries.  Aaron teaches at a school there and Heather works with a women's program teaching women about proper prenatal care and about the importance of breastfeeding. 

Did I mention that they have four kids?  Yes, four.  They are all living in Haiti.  What a wonderful experience for a child. 

They are currently looking for teachers.  Teachers to teach in Haiti. 

Teachers are needed in the school that Aaron has been teaching in.  They also, in conjunction with another family, are wanting to hire two teachers to come live in Haiti and home school their children. 

I think this would be a wonderful, amazing, stellar life changing experience. 

Check out their blog if you or anyone you know would like to visit with them about this opportunity. 

And if you do?  Tell me about it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Eat Pray Love

I recently finished this.  I am actually not sure what I thought about it.  This is uncommon for me.  I normally have a serious, quick, and final opinion as I finish a book.  I either love it or I hate it.  This one leaves me conflicted. 

It is an odd book.  It's a whole bunch of mini stories, not a comprehensive book. 

Parts of it I loved. 

Parts of it I really hated. 

My first thought after finishing it was "Wonder how many people started learning to meditate after they read this?". 

Wonder how many people actually meditate anyway?  And are any of them people that I know?  Hmm. 

Josey's current favorite books

This morning while I was taking a bath Josey sat on the lid of the toliet and read to me out of one of her favorite books. 

What a sweet memory. 

She was so sincere, telling me every part just as she remembers. 

She has recently decided that she loves to be read to.  For a while, she wouldn't be still.  Now she still isn't immobile for very long, but she will usually sit through two books and then she's off on the run again. 

This is one of her two favorites.  I bought it at our book fair at school a couple of weeks ago.  It is a wonderful book and I totally reccommend it to anyone with a horse crazy daughter. 

I bought this a while back and all of the sudden Josey has come to love it.  The illustrations are gorgeous and the words are so cute.  My favorite part is that the rabbit is playing a concertina. 

I am an avid reader, so I really hope Josey becomes that way as well. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

budget cuts and other things that suck

Texas is in the process of cutting educational funding.  Being a teacher and coming from a long line of educators, this is close to my heart.  I am certain that there are other things that could be cut.  Completely certain.  My main question is this.  How exactly are we supposed to "build a better tomorrow" if we cut educational funding?  This will certainly hurt children.  Ummm, last time I checked THEY ARE OUR FUTURE. 

There is talk of cutting pre kindergarten.  Yeah, let's send kids to kindergarten even less prepared, so they fall farther behind.  Seems like a fabulous idea.  (insert sarcasm here)

There is talk of cutting vocational spending. Vocational includes agriculture, home ec, wood shop, etc.  Those classes are the sole reason that many of my high school students drag their butts out of bed in the morning and come to school. 

People reading this might make people think "oh she's only whining and complaining about this because she is a vocational teacher".  WRONG.  Yes, my degree is in ag.  I am an ENGLISH TEACHER, though.

Has it occurred to anyone to cut the athletic budget?  I don't mean get rid of athletics, because I know that that is some student's only opportunity to shine.  I mean cut some funding. 

I know that every school does not turn out a pro ball player every year.  Yes, some do, but some NEVER do.  I am sure that most schools DO turn out welders, carpenters, and girls who go on to be wives that use the skills aquired in home economics classes.  This is especially true in rural areas. 

I am not crying that the sky is falling. 

It's not. 

Texas will get through this.  I am certain of it.

 I am also certain that there will be children and parents hurt by this.  

Class sizes are bound to go up.  I've had a class with almost 30 students in it before.  It is difficult to serve every student and do your best with them if you are stretched that far.

This is a time when everyone needs to step forward and throw in their educated two cents.  I don't mean piss and moan and whine and then vote Perry into yet another term.  I mean come up with some real ideas.  Helpful ones.  Ones that are feasible. 

And for goodness sakes, educate your children on how to make good choices that will benefit their future.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I am an avid news reader.  The first places I go to on my computer every morning are news sites.  I love CNN news.  I hate Fox news.  I think that Fox news is a Republican based news channel.  I am not a supporter of every single things that the Democrats do, but I refuse to have someone else's beliefs shoved down my throat at every turn. 

I digress. 

This post really has little to do with the above, but that's where it began.

This morning when I was doing my stroll through the new articles I came across Michele Bachmann (a potential Republican presidential candidate) blasting Michelle Obama for supporting breasfeeding.  Really?!?!?!

Number 1- does this really have anything to do with a presidential campaign?

Number 2- does MB have any idea how healthy it is to breastfeed?

Number 3- does MB have any idea how asinine she sounds for griping about this?

What a ridiculous thing to discuss.  Really.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

hand, foot, and mouth disease= UGHHHH

Jos is sick AGAIN.

Yes, you read that right. 

My child hasn't been sick very much in her whole lifetime.  Since January 1st, she has been sick almost constantly.  The doctor says her immune system is just so weak since she's been sick so much.  The latest illness is hand, foot, and mouth disease.  My little toot is running fever and her skin hurts.  This is one of those things that's "viral", so we just have to wait it out.

Have I mentioned that I HATE "viral"?

"Viral" means that your kid is sick and feeling awful and is grumpy as heck, but they don't give any meds to help bc there's nothing that will fix it. 

It really sucks. 

Really, really sucks.

Today is a half day at school due to MORE ice.  I'm not sure when they moved Madison county to the arctic circle, but it has clearly happened. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow day pics

Here is Josey all bundled up to brave the weather.  She's pretty fond of her "cubberalls".
 She wasn't too sure what she thought about her "park" being covered in snow.  She's a warm weather gal like her mama. 
 This is the one and only pic I got of her standing in the snow looking at me.  Little hard headed rascal. 
 Josey and Mommy- of course I took this with my arm held straight out in front of us, so I cut off part of my face.  Thus is life. 
 We checked cows in the snow.  I thought the windmill looked pretty awesome, but I'll think it's more awesome when it's surrounded by green grass this summer. 
 Poor cold cattle.  That heifer there with the heart in her face is destined to wear Josey's brand.  Josey claimed her and her mama is a hell of a cow, so I don't blame her one bit. 

Friday, February 4, 2011


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snow in Texas= no school!

Today we're home all day.  It's snowing, and in Madison county, that means no school.  Lately it seems like they've moved Madison county to the arctic circle.  I dislike it.  I prefer 100 degree summer days when everyone is whining about sweating profusely.  Josey and I will brave the snow later.  Pictures to follow. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the flu and dogs

Josey and I are home with the her having the flu. 

It's Tuesday.  She was diagnosed Friday morning. 

We have been in the house quarantined since Friday. 

I'm only going slightly crazy.

To add to our crazy life, yesterday we got a new puppy.  We were coming home from dumping trash last night and he was wandering in the road.  I hate people who dump dogs.  I've never been able to resist picking them up, which is a fact that my mom will certainly attest to.  Drover is our new puppy's name and Josey is already very in love with him.  As I type this I am sitting on the couch and she is laying underneath my feet curled up on a blanket playing with him.  He's a doll.  He reminds me so much of Lori, a dog I rescued in college that we had to put down last year.  He's marked like her, all the way down to the white tip on his tail.  Lori was a once in a lifetime dog and she loved me more than most people are ever loved.  The feeling was totally mutual.  Drover also reminds me of Moe, a dog that I had only 4 short years, but who was like my child before Josey was born.  He is the only cowdog that I've ever known that would sit, lay, and shake.  He was legendary with my ex-husband's fellow day-cowboys for two reasons.  One- he was an amazing cowdog and would work all day tirelessly.  Two- he minded me better than the ex and his friends thought this hilarious.  With these traits, Drover has already found a spot in my heart, despite the fact that I REALLY do not need another dog. 

I hope the flu leaves us soon.  My kids take their TAKS test one month from today and they need me.