Wednesday, February 9, 2011

hand, foot, and mouth disease= UGHHHH

Jos is sick AGAIN.

Yes, you read that right. 

My child hasn't been sick very much in her whole lifetime.  Since January 1st, she has been sick almost constantly.  The doctor says her immune system is just so weak since she's been sick so much.  The latest illness is hand, foot, and mouth disease.  My little toot is running fever and her skin hurts.  This is one of those things that's "viral", so we just have to wait it out.

Have I mentioned that I HATE "viral"?

"Viral" means that your kid is sick and feeling awful and is grumpy as heck, but they don't give any meds to help bc there's nothing that will fix it. 

It really sucks. 

Really, really sucks.

Today is a half day at school due to MORE ice.  I'm not sure when they moved Madison county to the arctic circle, but it has clearly happened. 

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