Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May and random thinking back

I am sure ready for the end of school.  Every year I get this way.  And every year, by the time summer is nearly over, I am wondering what my students are up to.  Josey is so tired of me going to work.  The first thing out of her little mouth every morning is "Mama, where my going today?" and I am so ready for June, when I can say everyday "Nowhere!  You get to stay home with Mommy." I just know her little face will light up with a grin.  My girl loves her mommy time.  It might have something to do with the fact that I rarely put her down as a baby.

Literally, I really did rarely put her down.  She hung out in her baby sling up against me while I did dishes, watered horses, and folded clothes.  

People told me to set her down more.  They really did. 

I didn't listen too well. 

And guess what? 

It didn't hurt a thing.  Jos has turned out to be hugely independent and dare devilish. 

I cannot imagine what it would have changed if I had made her stay in her bouncer or on the floor more. 

Never mind. 

Yes, I can. 

I would have gotten laundry done more often. 

Who really cares about that, though?

Here's an old pic from when Jos was tiny.  She was in my lap while we checked cows.  It's still one of her favorite things to do.  :)