Friday, March 4, 2011

Teaching opportunity

There are several blogs that I daily stalk.  Some are people I know, others are people I know of, and yet others are only people I've heard of. 

One of the blogs I stalk is

Heather and Aaron are from Madisonville.  They're older than me and I actually just know of them.

Simply put, they're amazing and inspiring. 

For several months, they have been living in Haiti working as missionaries.  Aaron teaches at a school there and Heather works with a women's program teaching women about proper prenatal care and about the importance of breastfeeding. 

Did I mention that they have four kids?  Yes, four.  They are all living in Haiti.  What a wonderful experience for a child. 

They are currently looking for teachers.  Teachers to teach in Haiti. 

Teachers are needed in the school that Aaron has been teaching in.  They also, in conjunction with another family, are wanting to hire two teachers to come live in Haiti and home school their children. 

I think this would be a wonderful, amazing, stellar life changing experience. 

Check out their blog if you or anyone you know would like to visit with them about this opportunity. 

And if you do?  Tell me about it.

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