Friday, August 12, 2011

Things Josey says

Josey talks a lot.  Like pretty much all the time. 

When I was a child, I remember getting Ns on my report card in the Controls Talking section.

An N is bad.  It got me in trouble. 

Josey is in for this same fate.  I just know it. 

Here are some things she has said.  I find them so comical. 

Conversation between me and Josey a couple of months ago-

Josey: Mom, Where's that horse?
Me: Josey, it's probably still sleeping.
Josey: I need to tell it damn it, wake up.
Me: Josey we don't say damn.  It's a bad word. 
Josey: Mama says damn.  Daddy says damn.  Matt says damn.  Nynil says damn.  Mama, we say damn. 
I laughed too hard to respond. 

Conversation between my mother and Josey the other day-

Josey: What color is that yogurt?
Nynil: It's blue.
Josey: Nynil, that's not blue.  It's turquoise.  You not know your colors?

Things she's said to me-

Mama, you be awesome. 

Mama, I need to put my earrings in.  I'm going to get boy ears. 

My baby in my tummy is kicking.  Wanna feel it? (her babysitter just had a baby, so she thinks she has a baby in her tummy)

In The Children's Place the other day- I need this skirt.  Is it my size?

Those horses are acting like fools.  (It's just funny to me to hear a two year old say the word "fool")

Conversation between my mother and Josey the other day-

Nynil: Josey, how much do you love me?
Josey: I love you eight. 
Nynil: Earlier you said you loved me five.
Josey: Eight is more that five. 

Later that day, she said to me "Mama, I love you six hundred."

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